From Left to Right:
Michael Moy, Mathew Moy, Melissa Sayer, Adam Sayer, Peter Young with Greg
Sayer standing in doorway with white shirt.
Taken at Sydney Terminal after returning from a charter to Mudgee.
11:45pm  - 29th January 2005.
The boys with a very shiny 4486 at Central.
Time for water at Cobar, long after the
passengers had gone to their hotels.
At least this time it wasn't raining!
Greg and Marylin with the GMS at Cobar.
A slightly more formal dinner at Goulburn.
('Formal' being the provision of the table!)
The staff has been obtained and noted in the
register at Forbes.
Adam enjoys nothing more than an early start
on a  Saturday morning.
His enthusiasm makes the rest of us (who
prefer to sleep in) feel sick!
Adam and Marylin peering from the Buffet.
Mullengudgery. (between Cobar & Nyngan)
Mike and Greg attend to the safeworking
operations at Forbes, "instructions included"....
Discussing team tactics on the go.
Cullerin Ranges.
Getting into the wedding spirit.
Dinner in the dock at Cootamundra.
Adam, Marylin and Mat prepare the scones
for Morning Tea. Silver Star tour.
Adam and Greg discuss the finer points of
4918's paintwork.
After long, hot days, you will sleep anywhere.
Mat helping to shovel forward 01's tender.
Mat doing heavy work... a rare photo.
Things are looking unusually 'serious' in the
GMS kitchen.
An unusual hood ornament on 4918 at Goulburn.
Mat attended to a lot of the 'finer details' whilst
painting 4918, often working well into the night.
Polishing the handrails at Katoomba...
Adam was deep in thought until distracted by
the camera. Working on the MCA.
Applying the undercoat to MCA 2.
.. and a touch up at Nyngan.
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Mat with the 'New Kid on the Block'
MCA 2 after it's first weekend of public trips
during the Maitland Steamfest 2009
Peter, Adam and Mat with MCA 2 nearing
completion at Goulburn.
It's becoming a trend.
Stay tuned for more future installments of
'Mat asleep on random station trolleys'.
Adam, what have you done with the wall?
He is in there somewhere? Adam getting deep
into the required bogie work.
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Mat was feeling relieved - 72 foot of roof
almost painted.
But it was only the first coat!
Adam inspecting the pocket after the removal
of the coupler and associated springs.